The best advice is holistic, proactive, relevant and always improving

From advice production, to online engagement, Planfocus is a leader in advice technology services and solutions. We are trusted by licensees right across Australia to keep their advice systems current and meeting best practice. Get the team at Planfocus on your team.

XPLAN Managed

A fully tailored managed service including advice templates, fact finders, reviews, reports and configurations backed and supported by a senior team of analysts and consultants. Get the maximum value from your XPLAN licence fees & fully utilise its capabilities.

A ready to go advice framework for XPLAN users

More time with clients

Advice templates

Advice Templates

All the hard work done + efficient document production + less errors = more time with clients.  

Our comprehensive set of multi-entity advice documents are tailored to your advice narrative.


Full advice (SoA), Record of Advice (RoA), Risk Only, SMSF integrating with all the XPLAN modelling tools.


Over 150 strategies. Continual regulatory and best practice maintenance and reviews all included.

More engaged clients

Review wizard

Review wizard

Increased goal focus + provide context to your advice = a more engaged client

The Planfocus review wizard provides wealth and insurance review capabilities.


Part reverse fact finder, part goal tracker; the review wizard also provides a comprehensive portfolio report with Xray.

Demonstrate your value

FDS Reporting

FDS Reporting

Position your brand + service offering = demonstrates the value of your advice 

Integrated with your revenue tracking system, FDS report will also provide an activity tracking report showing all contact with your client for the reportable year.
Efficiency breakthrough

Fact finder

Fact finder

Fact finder is easily to follow + easily adaptable + less errors = improved efficient data collection

Available in XPLAN and Touch mode, Fact finder provides reverse fact find features and integrates with our online data collection tool.

Fully automated



Less editing + less formatting + fully automated = Reduces SoA production time to around 40 mins.

For even more scale and efficiency, ask us about adding QuickPlans to your advice framework.


QuickPlan provides the ability to generate commonly used advice scenarios, fully automated, with just a few clicks.

No limits

Fully tailored

Fully tailored


Express your brand and advice narrative

All our clients enjoy a fully tailored advice experience. We take the time to understand what makes your business unique and capture these differences with every installation. Going beyond simple branding and logo placement, our solution includes custom content and iconography.

Happy team

Superior Support

Superior Support


We close more issues on first contact = a happy team

Whether it’s first contact or technical support, Planfocus will ensure your framework remains current, relevant and efficient.

Get maximum value




Learn from experts + transfer your understanding = get more value 

We can provide train-the-trainer workshops for office champions, small groups and one on one training. In addition, we provide web based site walkthroughs and experiences for larger teams. Our online user guide is always available and updated regularly.

Advice Admin

Access our experience!  Our flexible admin resources can help you scale up when you need it, and scale down when you don’t. Our Advice Admin team has more than 20 years each supporting advisers and advice practices.

Outsource your admin to Planfocus and get back to business

Focus on what you do best

Brokerage processing

Brokerage processing

More expertise + lower cost + things get done faster = You can focus on your core business

Reporting and reconciling revenue is a fulltime job for the inexperienced. Outsource your revenue processing, reconciliation and reporting to Planfocus for a fraction of the cost and get back to helping clients.

Any system any time

Multi system support

Multi system support

Any system + any time = support that grows with your business

Our team is experienced in supporting many revenue processing applications including PayLogic (Morningstar), CommPay, Revex and Fin365. Not sure which vendor suits you best? Give us a call and we can design a service and vendor solution to suit your business.

More Value

Data feed admin

Data feed admin

Save time + lower cost = More value for your business

Setup, maintenance and support services for all your platform and life insurance data feed needs. 

Better business decisions

Data cleansing

Data cleansing

Always up to date + professional approach + reliable data sets = Better business decisions

Incomplete client data can have an efficiency and reputational impact on your advice. Our data cleansing service enriches and updates your client data enabling better decision making and better advice.  

Advice CTO

For licensees without a fulltime CTO or technology manager, the Advice CTO provides a turnkey fintech ecosystem plus the operational strategy and program management you need to build and manage your technology stack.

Get ready for tomorrow’s advice

Advice ready

Turnkey ecosystem

Turnkey ecosystem

Ready to go + tested by licensees + integration ready = immediate efficiency opportunities 

The Advice CTO brings to your practice a turnkey technology ecosystem tailored and configured to suit your business incorporating online data collection and risk profiling, client booking systems and workflow and compliance tools.  

Measurable outcomes

IT Strategy

IT Strategy

Proactive + planned + controlled = measurable outcomes for you and your clients 

The Advice CTO provides support and advice to grow your business without compromising advice quality or client value. Talk to one of the experts about how we can help you develop your technology strategy, train your staff and implement solutions to help you grow, engage and meet tomorrow’s advice challenges.


Higher productivity and more time with clients is at hand.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have a question or query, please complete the form below and we will be in contact.

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