The team listened carefully to our exacting requirements

March 15, 2018

Class Super is always looking for better and more efficient ways to transition clients onto our platform.

We asked PlanFocus to develop a custom transition tool for XPLAN users that could transition data more efficient and also be easy for practices to use themselves.
The team listened carefully to our exacting requirements and delivered a custom transition tool that takes data out of XPLAN and delivers CRM, CGT and transaction information that could be seamlessly imported into CLASS Super.

This process now speeds up our transitions from Xplan/IPS and reduces errors and double handling of data.

It was a pleasure to work with PlanFocus.

About The Author

PlanFocus are the leaders in high-end XPLAN customisation. We provide tailored solutions for licensees and practices with an advice vision that is out of the box. Our consultants work with you to ensure a superior outcome is always within reach with you in control at all times.