A readymade turnkey suite of XPLAN solutions with the hard work ‘already done’

Composer - Advice wizard and template

Composer is a goals-based SoA/RoA comprehensive advice template designed to materially impact the time you spend creating advice documents. Integrated with all XPLAN's modelling modules, Composer supports the compliance and multi-branding needs of every advice firm.

Composer ticks all the boxes

Comprehensive advice support

Dynamic wizard

Full comprehensive, SoA, RoA, SMSF, risk only or strategy only, Composer can handle all your advice needs in a single, easy to use wizard experience.Composer has been designed using the latest tools, bells and whistles offered by XPLAN. Nothing has been left in the shed.

125+ strategies available

Managed account specialists

The most comprehensive SoA template on the market has to have the most comprehensive strategy library. Our library contains over 125 strategies with specialty in SMSF and managed account content.

As specialists in managed account advice frameworks, Composer delivers customised best interest, strategy content and compliance controls to ensure you are always meeting your managed accounts suitability test.

Scenario based

Institutional grade

A scenario based SoA wizard provides a compliant history of each advice document you produce and the ability to use historical scenarios to create subtle variations in your advice. More time saved!Composer is a complete advice document framework that can be expanded or used as is to deliver stunning advice documents.

Goals based

Tuned for SMSF advice

Composer is goals-based and makes it easy to link your advice to the strategy you are recommending.Fully tuned for advisers specialising in SMSF advice. No more cutting and pasting between SoAs. One wizard to rule them all.


Persona - Smart fact finder

Persona is a clever data collection tool that enables you to operate with best practice, removing duplicate keying of data, improving data integrity with the ability to be customised to suit.

Expandable to suit your practice

Persona dynamically adjusts for different entity types and integrates with Composer and FDS Lite. No more clicking through screens that don't relate to your client. Persona can be used for individuals and SMSFs and can include any other related party.

Even more time saved!

Reverse fact find

 XPLAN Touch

When run in reverse fact find mode, our fact find pre-populates from info already in XPLAN and when printed, is clever enough to leave you extra space for you to add more information.Our fact find can also be run on XPLAN touch for use on smart phone, IPAD and tablets.