Persona – Fact finder

May 10, 2019


An important part of a client onboarding process is the data collection step. Missed or incorrectly captured information can directly affect not only the quality of your advice but can slow down the process and cause embarrassing client followup calls. Double handing information and paperwork and putting your firm’s reputation at risk can all be remedied using a good and clever fact finder.

A good data collection process captures all the key information and is set out in a logical order that mirrors the data entry process for office staff to follow.

Persona is an easy to use client fact finder and is available in standalone format or as part of the Planfocus Managed Service. Being both XPLAN and XPLAN touch compatible, it can run in both standard XPLAN mode and can also be used on mobile and tablet devices.

Using a tablet with clients is much easier than sitting behind a PC and helps you sit with them while you work through the process.

Persona can also be customised to meet any advice specialty in your business.

FDSLite, Composer, Persona, QuickNotes are all Advice Solutions from our managed service advice framework. Give the team at Planfocus a call for a confidential discussion and demonstration.

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