Managed Services

Institutional grade advice solutions + superior XPLAN services

Ready to go advice framework

  • Composer - advice framework
  • Persona - fact finder
  • FDS reporting solution
  • Managed accounts solutions

Technical services delivered by experts

  • Regular rates and threshold updates ensure your advice is always current
  • A customisation program tailored to deliver your advice vision at exclusive member rates

The maintenance you need

  • Continuous improvement program
  • Stay current with XPLAN upgrades

Superior XPLAN support and training

  • Expert advice and support
  • Put our experts on your team

Benefits of the managed service

  • No development skills required

Take advantage of specialists who have already figured out the best and most efficient design.

  • Up and running immediately

Immediate productivity improvements. No need to wait months for a ground up build. Make the must have changes to suit your advice specialty.

  • Always up to date

Our XPLAN managed service keeps your XPLAN site up to date with rates, thresholds and any new XPLAN features. Get excited about upgrades!

  • Significantly cost effective

Less than 10% the cost of doing it yourself.

A managed service for every practice

Get started in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Deploy it

We use the latest XPLAN features and development techniques. Tried, tested and used by practices all over Australia.

Step 2

Use it

Avoid the headache of reinventing advice documents for XPLAN. Let us take care of the advice framework, while you take care of your clients.

Step 3

Expand it

For those who want more. All our solutions can be customised and expanded to meet any advice specialty or vision.