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23 June 2020 by PlanFocus Team


Introducing Planfocus Advice Admin Services

Is compliance and limited automation hindering how long it takes you to produce advice and service your clients? Would you like to improve your productivity and spend more quality time with clients and grow your business?


We understand that business change can be daunting. That is why we adopt a sensible, rational approach to help support and assist you in streamlining your advice admin processes.

Implementing the right support service and technology can save time and money and ensure your business processes are robust and meet professional standards.


Business Transfer Tracking (BTT)

For newly self-licensed AFSL holders, keeping track of revenue during transition can be problematic and the cause of significant frustration and compliance problems. BTT is a revenue monitoring service that will track your revenue received between old and new licensees, monitoring where and when clients, policies and revenues transition. Revenue can be grouped by platform, adviser or by any other revenue category or type you desire. This service can also be applied for newly onboarded advisers.

Client Transfer Service (CTS)

Moving clients between advisers has historically been an administrative burden. Let us take the heavy lifting away from your team and manage that process for you. We can:

  • Liaise with suppliers on your behalf
  • Bulk move clients between adviser codes in your revenue and advice systems
  • Even setup the data feeds once the transition is completed

XPLAN admin (XSA)

Not sure of the best way to support your XPLAN users? Would you like to get more value out of your software but not sure exactly how to make that happen? Our XPLAN team are amongst the best in the business. Why not let us take care of your XPLAN, while you take care of your clients.

  • First level helpdesk support
  • User management and onboarding
  • License allocation
  • Site config change requests
  • Workflow and usability advice

Data Feed Admin (DFS)

Our data feed admin service provides setup, maintenance and support services for all your platform and life insurance data feeds.  The service includes:

  • Data feed setup and configuration
  • Monthly quality review and balance reporting
  • Pre-emptive issue management and maintenance
  • Technical support for data feed issues
  • Client onboarding support

Data Cleansing Service (DCS) 

Having complete and clean client data is imperative to ensure advice is appropriate and service is of a high quality. Our data cleansing service will help you engage better with clients and also make better business decisions based on more accurate client data.

  • Data enrichment
  • Duplicate removal
  • Data re-formatting
  • Data entry policy development
  • Periodic data quality report card

To learn more about Planfocus Advice Admin Services, call us on 1300 361 973 or visit our website at


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