One business growth challenge: fixing software problems
20 December 2016 by PlanFocus Team
XPLAN team advisers

Would you rather have your team supporting advisers? Or fixing software problems?

One of the biggest challenges as your business grows is how your support framework grows to meet it. It must be scalable. Otherwise profits in the front office will be spent on headcount in the back-office. Don’t let this be you.


  • Consider specialists and formalising some of their processes. Different skill sets add value that is generally more scalable than a team of generalists.
  • If your practice is too small to specialise, consider pooling resources with other practices to share the cost.
  • Use an issue tracking system that is not your email inbox.
  • Insist that your team report support issues regularly. This improves performance.


Very few advice practices have the in-house scale or expertise to move their advice tech from OK to excellent. Getting your software to reflect your vision is very hard but can be done if you get the basics right and have a vision of what you want to achieve.

Stop for a moment and think about your advice tech – it could be a smart investment.


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