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23 May 2019 by PlanFocus Team


FDSLite for XPLAN delivers high quality FDS reporting that can be produced in bulk or on demand.

Running an FDS reporting process can be a complex business. FDSLite is a simple to use reporting solution that integrates across XPLAN’s features to dynamically render each client’s service statement. Each report directly reflects the services promised and delivered to your clients.

Revenue figures can be configured to be entered manually, sourced from Commpay or from any third-party solution (even an excel spreadsheet).

Customisable for any service or value proposition, FDSLite reports can be integrated with XPLAN’s thread, email delivery and electronic signature methodologies for an end to end operating model.

It’s as simple as:

  • Search
  • Run
  • Done

FDSLite is designed by Planfocus Consulting. FDSLite, Composer, Persona, QuickNotes are all Advice Solutions from our managed service advice framework. Contact PlanFocus for a demonstration today.

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