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Bridging the data gap in your advice business

07 October 2018 by PlanFocus Team

  Many advice practices talk to us with concern around accepting revenue from clients they have little to no information about. If you are a practice manager with a recently purchased book of clients or an inherited practice, the reality of a post royal commission world is that justifying income for clients you know little […]

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Confessions of an XMERGE programmer

10 September 2018 by PlanFocus Team

  In the world of XPLAN, template code is written predominantly in XMERGE, a variant of Python. During the early part of my years as an XMERGE programmer, I’d wade through pages and pages of code trying to understand why my code didn’t work the way I expected. Mistakes are part of the programming process. […]

20 tips for a great XPLAN migration experience

15 August 2018 by PlanFocus Team

  If you have been in the advice profession for 7 years or more, you have probably experienced one or more migrations (conversions) of your client data. Client information is without doubt one of the most valuable assets in your business. Advice firms like yours spend big money and enormous amounts of time keeping it […]

Is Data Quality affecting your business?

15 April 2018 by PlanFocus Team

“Nobody cares about data quality”, “it’s in the queue”, “can’t justify the costs”, “no need, we have business rules”… are just some of the reasons companies ignore data quality. Unfortunately, many practices only really think about data quality when a bad experience forces them to reconsider their position. Incomplete, incorrect or misplaced data not only […]

TECH TIP – Adding icons to your XPLAN client search

03 April 2018 by PlanFocus Team

  Icons, emoji and symbols have taken over the communications world, from our social media reactions, to text messages to websites! Their simple imagery is a great way to convey a whole concept or message in a single character. A picture speaks 100 words! As applications and websites move to focus on the look and […]

XPLAN Tips of the Month – March 2018

11 March 2018 by PlanFocus Team

  Like many people, you may use XPLAN every day and feel that it has no more to offer, but just need some simple tricks and tips that could save you a lot of time and make your XPLAN experience more enjoyable? “XPLAN Tips of the Month” uncovers a series of small and sometimes not-so-easy-to-discover […]

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