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Category: Coders Corner

Confessions of an XMERGE programmer

10 September 2018 by PlanFocus Team

  In the world of XPLAN, template code is written predominantly in XMERGE, a variant of Python. During the early part of my years as an XMERGE programmer, I’d wade through pages and pages of code trying to understand why my code didn’t work the way I expected. Mistakes are part of the programming process. […]

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How to format dates in your XPLAN templates with XMERGE

20 March 2018 by PlanFocus Team

The Xmerge coding library provides useful functions to manipulate dates. We use it a lot when working with our clients, and we’d like to share some useful operations that might be useful to you as well. In this article, you will understand how date formatting in XMerge works and learn how to choose between different […]

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