Is your advice technology suffering from data integrity issues?
20 December 2016 by PlanFocus Team
Data integrity


Think about the quality of data in your software (completeness and accuracy)

The quality of your data has an impact on your efficiency and to a potential purchaser, can affect the perceived value of your business.


How can I improve data integrity in my systems?

  • Publish a minimum level data entry policy and a data integrity statement. These two will ensure staff understands the value you have placed on completeness and accuracy moving forward.
  • Ensure your business processes include software instructions


Be proactive and test the quality of your data

  • Periodically scan your software for incomplete records. For example create lists of clients:
    • without a category (segment)
    • with missing contact details (address, phone, email)
    • with missing title, gender, dates of birth
  • Data feed admin – This can be a huge time sponge – ensure it is proactively administered
  • If customizing your system, leverage existing features. This will ensure that when vendors enhance their core solution, your work carries forward.


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