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Is your advice technology suffering from data integrity issues?

20 December 2016 by PlanFocus Team

  Think about the quality of data in your software (completeness and accuracy) The quality of your data has an impact on your efficiency and to a potential purchaser, can affect the perceived value of your business.   How can I improve data integrity in my systems? Publish a minimum level data entry policy and […]

Is your advice technology holding back your business?

20 December 2016 by PlanFocus Team

  You have planned for growth and you are succeeding. Congratulations! One of the challenges growing advice businesses face is the impact that poor utilization of advice tools has on growth. A lack of focus on this could slow or even derail further success. The whole idea behind advice tools is to provide structure to […]

Online engagement tools for your website

18 April 2014 by PlanFocus Team

  XPLAN has created a suite of online engagement tools called XPLAN Connect. Today we look at their online insurance quote engagement tool.   As a specialist XPLAN consultancy, PlanFocus works hard to deliver XPLAN solutions that really help advisers lower client acquisition costs and increase engagement. We understand that the more optimised your business […]


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