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05 December 2017 by PlanFocus Team

  So much client information at your fingertips, so little screen space to display it!   Data is at its most useful when it is presented in a fashion that is understandable and digestible to the reader. Not enough information presented and you end up with an incomplete picture or context of a client and […]


04 December 2017 by PlanFocus Team

  Email is a fundamental communication tool utilised everywhere with many client interactions performed this way. It is important, therefore, to keep a consistent and professional presence – starting with your email signature. Your email signature provides your clients with clear and direct information on how to contact you, positions your brand in a consistent […]

XPLAN Tips of the Month – December 2017

04 December 2017 by PlanFocus Team

  Like many people, you may use XPLAN every day and feel that it has no more to offer, but just need some simple tricks and tips that could save you a lot of time and make your XPLAN experience more enjoyable? “XPLAN Tips of the Month” uncovers a series of small and sometimes not-so-easy-to-discover […]

XPLAN Data Feed Health Tips

20 December 2016 by PlanFocus Team

Here are three ideas to think about that could help improve the quality of your XPLAN data feeds: 1. Setup and configuration Preparation and configuration are key to a smooth setup.Registering with the Investment Product Provides. This can entail either electronically registering an adviser code with the product provider via webform or sending a registration […]

10 signs your business is suffering from #fintechconcussion

20 December 2016 by PlanFocus Team

  What is #fintechconcussion? Well… like any serious concussion, it is characterised by big headaches and a visible loss of patience.   #fintechconcussion targets accounting & financial planning practices and often builds to a crescendo around end of month when prices are due and reports need to be prepared.   Your frontline support, is also […]

One business growth challenge: fixing software problems

20 December 2016 by PlanFocus Team

Would you rather have your team supporting advisers? Or fixing software problems? One of the biggest challenges as your business grows is how your support framework grows to meet it. It must be scalable. Otherwise profits in the front office will be spent on headcount in the back-office. Don’t let this be you.   Consider […]


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