The leadership team



Rob is the ultimate translator between advice and technology with over two decades of specialist advice technology development and senior management roles with ASSIRT Software, ASGARD Wealth Solutions, InvestmentLink, SFG Australia and most recently as Head of Advice for robo-advice specialists, Ignition Wealth.  Rob also chairs the Data Standards Group for IMAP. This is an important industry working group comprising more than 20 firms, all committed to working together to deliver the efficient flow and processing of managed accounts data between participants. Rob brings an innate ability to expertly assess a business’ needs and deliver the most effective technology strategies.  He is a passionate cricket fan and he and his wife Gaylene are often hard to find during an Ashes series.



Steph is the creative mind behind our amazing XPLAN solutions.  With nearly 10 years’ experience exclusively working on XPLAN solutions, Steph is one of the top XPLAN specialists in the world today and a leader in getting XPLAN to deliver amazing things.  Steph is also a kiteboarding enthousiast and a Blockchain advocate.

Our core values

  • We are Local

We do not offshore any of our XPLAN work. Our team service all of Australia. We know that every practice is different and wants an XPLAN service that gives them the service they expect.

  • We are Responsive

In advice, you know how important it is to have clients that love working with you. At PlanFocus we pride ourselves on our commitment and our pledge to keep your XPLAN framework in top order and your staff productive and happy.

  • We are Experienced

Our experience in advice technology goes back to the mid 1990’s. Our deep experience gives us the unique ability to provide you the solid advice you need and the results for your practice that make a difference.

  • We are Approachable

We encourage our team to always keep our clients informed and up to date. During projects we work hard to explain things in an easy to understand way. We meet regularly with practice managers to listen and measure the temperature of your team.

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