We create + develop premium user experiences for XPLAN

XPLAN Customisation

We create unique hand-crafted XPLAN sites that deliver your advice brand and use XPLAN to its full potential.

Your advice docs into XPLAN

Would you like your advice docs updated or converted into seamless, integrated advice wizards and templates?

Template and wizard design

We are the experts in maximising the efficiency of using XPLAN to produce compliant and easy to use advice documents.

Optimise your business processes

A well optimised XPLAN site can improve productivity and lower client acquisition costs. Let us show you how...

Work smarter, not harder

A well optimised XPLAN advice framework frees up your team to work more with clients and less with software.

XPLAN Consulting

With over 20 years delivering advice technology, we have the experience and know how you need for your next XPLAN project.

XPLAN health check

Is data quality affecting your business? Our XPLAN health check focuses on data and system integrity and ensures your client data is always up to date and complete.

Project support

Thinking about your next XPLAN project? Put our team on your team and get the job done faster, with less risk and cost. Whether its project leadership, business analysis or XPLAN SME's, we have the experience you need to deliver to any challenge.


Business process design

Consider the benefits of having a documented procedure manual married to an XPLAN site that works the same way. Now you're talking real productivity.

Conversion services

For practices considering self license strategies, having a robust conversion process is imperative. Speak with the conversion experts at PlanFocus for tips on how to run a successful conversion.

XPLAN Integration

We utilise the latest integration techniques to ensure your XPLAN site can integrate seamlessly with your other office applications.

Connecting your in-house systems

We have extensive experience interconnecting websites and applications to XPLAN.

Use our expertise

We have worked with each of XPLAN’s integration methods including CSV and API.

No more double keying

No double keying of information, less errors and no duplication of effort when you connect your systems to core office and advice tools.

Good for you and great for clients

Spend more time with clients and less time trying to keep your systems synchronised.

XPLAN Support and Training

You’ve tried supporting XPLAN yourself but would rather talk to clients than manage data feeds.

Training is all about you

Our training is designed around your key business processes. We meet and agree the learning outcomes and design a program that will deliver results.

Small and large team training

PlanFocus offers individual and group training as well as webinar formats for larger national groups.


Local support, national focus

Our Australian based team are your technical experts for site optimisation and regulatory maintenance.

Specialty support

We offer support and training in all areas of XPLAN and specialise in datafeed, site admin, data integrity, commpay and IPS support and setup.